Taliban issues code of conduct for militants to become good warriors

Posted By: Staff
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London, July 30 (ANI): Concerned over its attacks and suicide bombings in Afghanistan becoming unpopular, the Taliban has issued a code for its fighters laying out detailed rules on how to be a good holy warrior.

The Taliban code of conduct reveals concern about how its attacks are regarded by the civilian population, including minority groups. The 13-chapter guide tells militants to avoid unnecessary suicide bombings and civilian casualties while waging war against the oppressors.

Nato forces in raids in Afghanistan seized the booklet issued by Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar earlier this summer, The Telegraph reports.

The code reveals concern about how the Taliban attacks are regarded by the civilian population, including minority groups, and its need to be seen as a disciplined force motivated by Islamic principle rather than personal greed or malice.

It orders Taliban fighters not to harm Afghans working for the government, and to avoid civilian casualties in the battle for hearts and minds.

The code appears to be an attempt to impose a more rigid command structure on disparate and semi-autonomous Taliban groups.

It warns irregular Taliban units must either operate under its official command structure or disband.

According to the code, Nato troops, senior Afghan army officers and government officials may be executed, but only with the permission of Mullah Omar or one of his deputies.

Nato commanders yesterday denounced the code as a propaganda exercise aimed at persuading Afghan civilians it is a disciplined force which follows the rules of war.

"It seems to be a form of propaganda to try to show there is a central control over the insurrection," The Telegraph quoted Brigadier General Eric Tremblay, as saying. (ANI)

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