Parents forced to chain drug addict boy in Agra

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Agra, July 30 (ANI): Poor parents of a 13-year-old boy in Agra are compelled to keep him chained, as he has become a drug addict.

they are peeved at his taking to drug-addiction and turning a nuisance for the family here.

Unable to ensure the much needed medical attention or psychological help, his poverty-stricken parents since learning about his habit of drug-addiction believe it is the only option left for them to prevent him from running away from house.

Akram, the boy, is stated to have taken to drugs at the age of seven.

The family says that Akram fell into a bad company of local 'friends' who pushed him into the world of drugs. He took to drug-addiction after initially taking to small quantities of tobacco. He went on to take cannabis and slowly started taking drugs of higher influence.

"We were unaware that he was into drug addiction. We only noticed that he started running away from home and when we used to bring him back he would act strangely. He never told us reason. Some children informed us that he was addicted to tobacco but later on some people told us he takes whitener. Till we kept him chained, he used to behave normally. But upon releasing, he would again run away." said Shabnam, Akram's mother.

Passers by and neighbours watch Akram sitting chained in his courtyard.

Akram's poor family is constrained by financial condition and thus cannot afford professional help to get their son rid of drug addiction. They are left with no option but to chain him to a cot.

"We are very distressed, we cannot cry but are undergoing deep trauma. We are not happy tying him, but this is the only way left to us. We hope that he leaves drugs and mends his ways," Shabnam said.

Akram has suffered injuries many a time while running for drugs. Tied to a lone cot in the courtyard, Akram turns wistful on watching other kids going to school, playing, and enjoying their life.

But his addiction to drugs and constant running away has made his family lose faith in him. He says he feels like running away from home.

"I feel like running away from here and taking drugs again... Around 100 to 125 of us used to go to this really big junk shed near railway track and would take drugs there," said Akram.

Peer pressure and lack of proper attention from the parents are stated to be the main reasons for child drug addiction.

Exposure and addiction to alcohol, tobacco, sedatives sold over medical counters despite regulations, sniffing of inhalants such as glue, whitener and nail paint removers are posing a serious problem amongst the children. By Brajesh Kr. Sharma (ANI)

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