Families of Kargil martyrs complain of government apathy

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Kaloa (Jammu and Kashmir), July 24 (ANI): Families of the 13 youngsters from Kaloa village in Jammu and Kashmir, who laid down their lives in the 1999 Kargil conflict between India and Pakistan while recalling the sacrifice of their village youths, lament at the government apathy towards them

There are no commemoration ceremonies or memorial days observed in their honour. It is only their families who miss their presence and revere their sacrifice.

Ten years after the India-Pakistan conflict in Kargil that was fought in 1999, families of the 13 young men, martyred during the war, remember the sacrifice of their young sons and also complain about government apathy towards them.

The boys from the Kaloa village in India's northern Jammu and Kashmir state had volunteered to help the Indian Army during the war. All of them lost their lives while defending their motherland.

It is rather ironical that the villagers believe that their sons fought for the sovereignty of their country and their village is deprived of basic infrastructure even after a decade of the 13 youngsters sacrifice.

Drub Singh, father of one of the martyrs, with moistened eyes, remembers the day, the bodies of the martyrs had come to the village. A combined funeral had taken place.

Others like Drub Singh believe that their sons were heroes, but it is sad that the people at large and the government have made no efforts to acknowledge the same.

"Our boys became martyrs during the war. On the sixth of August 1999 their bodies came to the village. There was a combined funeral. We hear of government functions to commemorate the war heroes but we haven't been ever called for one. No one has ever called us or even come to us," said Drub Singh.

Nonetheless, circumstances haven't done a bit to falter the altruistic spirit of these villagers. So much so proudly they say that they are ready to lay down their lives for the country whenever needed.If need be, we will still send our children to war to fight for the country. All we are asking for is some worthy considerations should be extended us. We do not get any pension from the government. We have no support from anyone," said Balkar Singh, father of another martyr.

Nearly 500 Indian soldiers died on the snow-capped peaks of Kargil in the campaign to oust hundreds of infiltrators from Pakistan in the summer of 1999. (ANI)

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