Archaeologists discover artifacts dating back to Byzantine era in Syria

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Washington, July 7 (ANI): Archaeologists have recently unearthed a pottery jar with a length of 115 cm and a small pottery furnace and some clay fractions at a residential ground in Syria at a depth of 1 meter from the surface of the ground, dating back to the Byzantine era.

According to SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency), Fared Jabbur, head of Homs Antiquities and Museums Department, said that the location where these discoveries were unearthed is part of an industrial establishment.

This indicates that the ground consists of the founding layer of medium stones followed by limestone and small gravel in addition to ash with thickness of 5 cm.

Jabbur said that the findings date back to the Byzantine period and the status of the jar within the ground and its large size indicate that it was used for grain storage, pointing out that the jar and other findings transferred to Homs Antiquities Department.

On the other hand, Jabbur said that the directorate began the restoration work in the eastern part of Bazr Bashi Mosque in Homs, which dates back the old Mamluki era.

The directorate also completes works in al-Zahrawi Palace to be a museum for popular traditions. (ANI)

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