Egypt's envoy in India wants a Middle East free of WMDs

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New Delhi, June 15 (ANI): Egyptian Ambassador in India Mohamed Higazy is looking forward to a Middle East that is free of weapons of mass destruction and hopes for a better understanding between Arab world and the West.

Commenting on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support for the creation of a limited Palestinian state alongside Israel, he told ANI in an exclusive interview: "The Israeli administration has to bound by the international legality, all those to be dealt with President Obama's speech. Both sides have to sit and negotiate in order to achieve the solution."

"The changes are coming even in the Israeli administration. But whatever the solution that should be with the international legality and Arab initiative," Ambassador Higazy further said.

Applauding US President Barack Obama's speech in Cairo, he said, "Justice was the key word. Justice for the Palestinian people, their right to live with harmony with their neighbours in conformity with international community."

"President Obama seems to be taking the old issues pertaining to Arab Muslim world. I think this historic speech will be followed by deeds," he added.

Ambassador Higazy was speaking on the occasion of announcing charity-related donations for various Indian NGOs' on behalf of the Africa Diplomatic Group-II.

"We highly applause and appreciate the efforts of US President Barack Obama and we look forward to transformation of this speech in to reality, where Palestinian will enjoy and live peacefully in their state side by side with the state of Israel.

"And also looking for the middle east free of weapons of mass destruction and also looking for the relation of Arab Muslim world and west, where the understanding and co operation will prevail over the clashes of civilised nations," he added.

The Egyptian envoy is hopeful that this is the right time to bring the relations between the US Israel, and Palestine to where it belongs to, with understanding, harmony and mutual respect.

Ambassador Higazy told ANI that negotiations should be started immediately to arrive at a state solution and bring peace in the region. "We expect the road map available to the Palestinian state has to see the light for the better Middle East." (ANI)

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