Lucknow Zoo facilitates steps for its animals to beat the heat

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Lucknow, May 4 (ANI): The intense heat wave has prompted the officials of Lucknow Zoo in Uttar Pradesh to initiate various methods to render a cooling and soothing treatment for the animals under their care.Shades and screens made from jute and natural straws and reeds are being used to cover the cages of the animals.

These sheets are periodically sprayed with water so that the interiors of the enclosures remain cool.

Apart from this, coolers and sprinklers have been placed around certain enclosures while the elephants are given regular showers by its keepers so that the pachyderms are comfortable.

The elephants are also taken to the pond where they wallow in the waters.

The animals are also given ample fruits in their daily feed since it would help them beat the heat.

As for the carnivores, the intake of meat has been restricted while eggs have been taken off the list till the summer lasts.

"We have made changes in eating habits. We have reduced the diet of the carnivorous animals. We have also made arrangements of air conditioners in the intensive care units where we keep the new born young ones of the animals. So, overall all arrangements are there. I believe that we will be able to beat the heat," said Renu Singh, director, Lucknow Zoo.

Lucknow has been experiencing temperatures with mercury crossing the 40 degrees Celsius, often touching the mark of 45 degrees.

Incidentally, the onset of summer in 2009 has witnessed the temperatures soaring beyond the normal figures throughout north India. (ANI)

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