Shortage of electricity provokes UP villagers to boycott polls

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Banthara (Lucknow), Apr 13 (ANI): Peeved at shortage of electric power and other civic amenities, residents of Banthara, a village in Uttar Pradesh, have decided to boycott upcoming parliamentary polls.

They have also resolved not let any politician or party representatives enter their village.

Incidentally, Bantahra with a population of 3500, is located just 22 kilometres away from Lucknow, on the outskirts of a radar tracking station of the Indian Air Force.

Yet it has been facing severe shortage of electricity as a result of which, the residents are unable to draw water from their bore-wells.

As if to add to their woes, the water taps in the village are erratic.Consequently, the villagers wished to express their ire and they have erected banners reading 'No electricity-no vote' on the main road leading to Banthara.

According to the residents, they anticipated that the Central parliamentarian and state legislator whom they elected would understand their plight and take up remedial measures.

However, their hopes happened to be a mirage, prompting the village en-masse to boycott the ensuing elections to the Lok Sabha.

"This time, we have decided, 'no electricity-no vote'. Even though we are just 18-22 kilometres from the capital, we don't get electricity for eight hours. In this situation, we are forced to boycott the elections. We are worse than interiors regions. If we don't get electricity we are as good or bad as an interior isolated habitat," said Brijesh Singh, a resident.

The villagers claim that they receive electricity for merely 90 minutes in a day, bringing to standstill almost all activities.

The traders complain of huge losses due to lack of electricity. The students say they can hardly study after dusk for want of light.

"The main problem is that the children can't study. We can sleep using mosquito repellents or mosquito nets but studies of children suffer. There are very few water taps in the village and people have water pumps. The water problem is related to shortage of electricity. Rest development has taken place in our village," added Yogendra Singh, another resident. By Kamna Hajela (ANI)

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