US, Britain involved in an 'unwinnable war' in Afghanistan : Imran Khan

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London, Mar.7 (ANI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and former cricket captain, Imran Khan has termed the US led 'War on terror' as an 'unwinnable war'.

Khan, in an interview with Times online said that the 'war on terror' has in fact made the US and Britain open to attack by the extremists.

Talking about the US's 'war on terror' in Afghanistan after the 9/11 incident, Khan said that the then US President, George Bush's strategy was a disaster, as he did not take into account the ground realities before 'invading' Afghanistan.

"These people have fought every invader from Alexander downwards. It's in the blood of the Pashtun to seek revenge, anyone who loses loved ones ends up picking up arms and joining the other side," Khan said.

He said the war, till now, has not produced any desired result, and termed it as 'counterproductive.'

"You are wasting British soldiers' lives. This is just converting more and more people into extremists," Khan added.

Khan said that it was a fundamental blunder to assume that the Taliban were against western society.

"The Taliban were never a threat to the Western world. These were semi-literate medieval people with a fundamentalist rudimentary understanding of Islam mixed with Afghan culture," he said.

The cricketer turned politician also rebuked the international notion that Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorists, saying: "The madrassas may be producing fundamentalists but there is a difference between fundamentalists and militant extremists."

Khan lashed out at the allied forces for creating havoc in the region and destablising Pakistan. He also charged the western powers for creating a breeding ground for future terrorists inside his country.

"They have killed over a million people, there are five million people displaced, they have spent almost a trillion dollars and they have created nurseries for future terrorists. All they have done is to make the world much less safe. And they have totally destabilized Pakistan," Khan said. (ANI)

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