Pythons kept as pets by two children in Madhya Pradesh

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Indore, Mar 7 (ANI): Two and a half year old Kanha and six-year-old Anurag of Indore, prefer pythons and other snakes to toys.

Their father Milesh Solanki, a snake lover himself, is proud that his affinity to snakes has been bestowed upon his children.

A floriculturist Solanki says that one day he saw his younger son Kanha playing with a python in the fields. It was that he got to know that both his children have already befriended many snakes and pythons in the fields.

"When I asked my child if he didn't feel scared, he said that this is not the first time that he is playing with snakes. Now whenever they feel like playing with snakes, they get one from the fields," said Solanki.

Members of the family fearlessly roam around as the children play with their 'pet pythons and snakes'.

They say that these reptiles are quite harmless and do not cause any harm to anyone unless provoked.

It is really a spectacle of so many pythons lying around near the small kids.

Many people in India worship pythons. Known as 'Ajgar' in local dialect Python is an endangered species preyed upon mainly for its skin. by Rajni Khaitan(ANI)

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