Antulay, do not mock at our legends death

By: Shanthala Jayaprakash
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The Antulay issue has showed how our politicians can descend into discord. His statement that ATS chief Hemanth Karkare's death was suspicious, sparked off controversy. Antulay hinted that Karkare's killing was the handiwork of Hindu extremist groups in collusion with their sympathisers in the force. This led BJP to ask for his resignation. In the high fold drama, Antulay also gave the resignation. The embarrassed Union govt did not accept his resignation for the sake of minority votes.

Later Antulay continued his flip flop, retracted his very own statement and denied doubting terrorists involvement in Karkare's death. Manmohan Singh dubbed the issue as 'to err is human' . Antulay's remarks is a malicious and insensitive slander of the Mumbai police and the ATS. Hemanth Karkare and other top cops have died for the nation fighting against the social evil terrorism.

Let the legends death not be made an issue. Minister for Minority A R Antulay should speak with conviction. But his statement has left many people ponder over the death of ATS chief and others. One of OneIndia News reader Raghavan commented " Antulay has said it right. Modi is behind these attacks. He has betrayed our nation. When Hemant Karkare's finger was about to turn to MODI, he has rented Pakistan terrorists to kill Karkare. People of India should not forgive Modi and BJP"

However I feel Antulay ows an apology to the Mumbai police, to all citizens of India, for his insensitive response. The post mortem report released by Mumbai Crime Branch said Hemanth Karkare was killed by bullets fired from terrorists during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Investigators also said that terrorists landed up at Cama Hospital by mistake. They entered the building and killed a guard and asked another one how to get inside. After getting information that the terrorists were hiding in Cama hospital vicinity, Hemant Karkare, Additional Commissioner Of Police Ashok Kamte and Inspector Vijay Salaskar came in one vehicle towards Cama Hospital at a very low speed At that point of time Mohammed Kasav fired bullets at the ATS chief.

This revelations should put an end to row created by Antulay which also led to pandemonium in both the Houses of Parliament subsequently leading to adjournments.
Such comments would make us to lose faith in our politicians more and more. Such disturbing remarks will question the integrity of our nation. Let not our integrity be rocked by our own so called ' responsible politicians'


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