English erodes our language : Germans

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London, Dec 17 : The waves of English has eroded many native languages. The voice against the  English language ruining the native languages across the world is heard here and there. Now the Germans are fearing that their language is taken off by English.

Thanks to post-war Anglicization and Americanisation, Germans fear that around 60 percent of new words in Germany are English where seven out of 10 Germans speak English, The Telegraph reported.

But experts say there is a growing backlash against the widespread use of foreign terms in the age of globalisation, technology and immigration. Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party voted to enshrine the German language in the nation's constitution a fortnight ago.
Now German companies are taking back English slogans. Due to this their own customers are finding hard to know what they were talking about after years of using foreign language.

A slogan for the perfume maker Douglas, "Come in and find out", became famous because most people thought it was challenging customers to come into the stores then try to find their way out again. But it didn't work for Jaguar car slogan which said 'Life by gorgeous' which didn't made sense in English.

They are not taking companies that only use English. We are very open-minded and positive about everything that comes from outside, but there is a fear now that we may forget our own language and our own culture, few says.


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