'Hindu terror' a vote bank policy of Cong" Advani

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Chandigarh, Nov 16 (UNI) Promising a strong, enlightened and prosperous India, NDA's prime ministerial candidate, Lal Krishan Advani today charged the UPA government of playing vote bank politics by floating the bogey of "Hindu terror".

"A terrorist has no religion and he should be dealt with a firm hand and punished", Mr Advani said while addressing a 'Vijay Sanklap' rally organised by the Chandigarh unit of the BJP at the Circus Ground here.

"Terrorism cannot be categorised, as a terrorist is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim", he said while pointing out that during the period of turmoil in Punjab no used terms like 'Sikh terror'. The security of the nation cannot be sacrificed just to promote vote bank politics, he added.

"The conviction of those responsible for the attack on Parliament has not been carried out till this day", he pointed out while again making reference to vote bank politics.

Mr Advani claimed that during the six years of NDA rule the terrorists were chased, caught and punished. " No terrorist got away scot free", he added while refering to the incidents of terrorist violence in the last five years and the rate of conviction.

"Of late the Prime Minister has given a certificate to Pakistan by stating that it too is facing the problem of terrorism like India despite the fact that it is the source of terrorism", he added while claiming that during the Vajpayee governments tenure the then Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf was forced to give an undertaking that he would check terrorism firmly in his country. This government had totatally failed to check the influx from Bangladesh, he added.


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