'Margazhi Raagam', first ever film shot in 7 red cameras

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Chennai, Nov 12: I have listened to concerts for many years, but this is a very different experience, said Member of Parliament Kanimozhi, after seeing a glimpse of what was to come in the trailer of the film screened here on Tuesday, Nov 12. 'Margazhi Raagam' is unlike any other concert you have been to. 'Margazhi Raagam' is the realisation of Jayendra Panchapakesan's dream - to present Carnatic music in a more evocative fashion. An ad-film maker for over 22 years, Panchapakesan had conceived the idea of using the medium of cinema to present a full-length live classical concert. "I was handicapped in terms of technology," he said. That changed last year with the advent of Red cameras which could provide a high-end resolution. "This is the first film in the world to be shot with seven Red cameras," he said.

Despite the technological achievements, the focus remained rooted on the performers who bring forth the music that makes the magic. "We were unsure whether it was possible to create music with robotic objects staring at you," said Krishna. His fears proved to be unfounded. The experience turned out to be like "sitting with colleagues for six hours and having fun."

"At no point did the cameras and the shooting affect the musical flow," he said. "Lot of the flow depends on who is accompanying you," he added. "When that musical space is created by the rapport you share with the accompanists, it does not matter whether there is one person or one thousand in the audience. We sang like we would sing anywhere."

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