Punjab farmers, lawmakers rubbish Radio Pakistan's lack of water rumour

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Ferozepur, Nov.4 : Radio Pakistan in its latest broadcast has tried to provoke Punjab's farmers again by stating that there isn't enough water for irrigation in the State and due to these adverse conditions, farmers are committing suicide.

There baseless reports have invited criticism from all quarters here. The general sentiment is that Radio Pakistan appears obsessed about creating unrest in the minds of people.

Gurtej Singh Ghudiana, Member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, Halka Balluana in Ferozepur district, said: "I strongly condemn Pakistan radio's baseless allegation that there is scarcity of water in Punjab for irrigation and farmers are suffering adversely due to this. Pakistan radio just wants to hamper the development of Punjab by spreading rumors like this. In fact, the farmers of Punjab are happier than ever before."

"In Punjab, irrigation facilities are very sound. If someone says Punjab lacks water, it should mean no other State has abundant water for irrigation, which is unimaginable," Ghudiana added.

Aalam Deep Singh, a farmer of Daanewala Satkosi Village in Ferozepur, said: "Punjab has always been a happy State and in future too it will be like that. After getting higher education, the youths are showing enthusiasm for agriculture. They are farming with devotion. I am requesting Pakistan that people of both the nations are like brothers and it should not carry out such anti-India and anti-Punjab propaganda."

Most of the Punjab, described to be the land of five rivers, is an alluvial plain bounded by Himalayan mountains to the north. Because of its location at the footsteps of the Himalayas, it is a rich agricultural area. Extensive irrigation is made possible by the great river system traversing it.

Temperatures in the Punjab region range from -2degree to 40 C (MIN/MAX), but can reach 47 degree C (117 F) in summer and can go down to -5degree C in winter.

Punjab has five rivers flowing through it, which leads to various land formations such as the D0oabs; the land between two rivers.

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