Star Psychic predicted Diana's death one year in advance

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London, Oct 13 : Star Psychic Sally Morgan has revealed that she had predicted Princess Diana's death a year before the Royal actually met with the accident that took her life.

Her "powers" to communicate with the dead, predict the future, and reveal intimate secrets that she couldn't have researched have taken by surprise even the biggest of sceptics.

And now, as her autobiography 'My Psychic Life' is up for grabs, she has claimed that she had had a premonition of the death of a royal in a car crash in the darkness of a tunnel.

It was well a year in advance before Dianna died on the fateful night of August 31, 1997 that Sally had told one of Princess Diana's aides that she had seen a royal dying in a car-crash.

Sally had told Fiona (name changed) that it was the Queen who died in the accident, and that she even saw the Queen Mother's funeral.

"I said, 'Oh my God!' And Fiona said, 'Sally, what is it?' 'Oh my God,' I repeated. 'I really don't like what I'm seeing here.' 'What? What is it?' 'The Queen's going to die. She's going to die in a car accident,'" British tabloid The Sun quoted her as narrating her reading.

She added: "I could see a car. Blackness seeming to crowd in on it. I wasn't able to make out the car, just the darkness of its colour. And there was a body. My hands flew to my mouth. 'Oh my God, Fiona,' I repeated. 'I can see them. They're pulling a body out of a car.' I saw the body of a woman on the ground. '... on a road . ...'

"Her feet remained in the car. Now I could feel a thumping against my own chest. n the vision I saw figures crowding around the prone body of the person - it was the Queen; somehow, I knew it to be the Queen.

"They were trying to resuscitate her. 'It's very dark,' I said to Fiona. 'I feel like I'm in a tunnel and, oh my goodness me, the next week the Queen Mother dies.' iona was staring at me. 'What? The Queen dies and the Queen Mother dies?' Yes,' I insisted. 'It's a week later. I can see her funeral. First the Queen, then the Queen Mother.'"

Sally also said that Fiona must have taken the tape of their conversation to the Princess of Wales.

However, she was gobsmacked when the prediction came true within a year, and she was inundated with calls to get more details about her reading.

Fiona said: "Then, four days after the Princess's funeral, I had a phone call. 'Hello, Sally.' It was Fiona. 'Oh, hello,' I said, surprised. She was the last person I expected to hear from. 'I had to ring you,' she said. 'Don't you remember, Sally? You predicted her death.'

"And it clicked. The tunnel, the darkness, a body dragged out of a car. I caught my breath. 'You predicted her death,' Fiona was saying. 'Did I?' 'Yes.' 'I said the Queen, Fiona,' I managed, finding the words difficult.

"'Yes, and after that Diana said she wanted to be known as the queen of people's hearts. Then you said that a week later the Queen Mother would die.' 'Well the Queen Mother is still alive.'

"'Sally, the Palace has certain funeral plans. State funerals, you know? The funeral given to Diana was the Queen Mother's funeral. That's why you saw the Queen Mother's funeral.'"

The 57-years-old psychic had been reading for Diana since 1992, the time when Diana's marriage with Prince Charles was facing trying times.

Other than the Princess, Sally has also "read" for George Michael, Uma Thurman.

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