Modi advises Bengal politicians to take lesson from Gujarat

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Kolkata, Oct 12 (UNI) Upbeat following relocation of the Nano project to Sanand from Singur, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has called upon his West Bengal counterpart Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Opposition Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee to take a lesson from his state and support the cause of industrialisation in one voice.

In separate open letters, sent to the office of a Bengali daily, the Gujarat strongman has made a forthright observation to Mr Bhattacharjee saying that the Bengal work culture was the impediment to Nano, while advising Ms Banerjee not to take the 'extreme Left' path in her attempt to counter the Leftists.

''I deeply respect you as a Chief Minister. People of all walks of life are aware of your role in the industrialisation process in West Bengal but even then your state could not hold back the project.

Even if you want, the work culture in West Bengal still does not allow creation of a situation for setting up a Nano project,'' he said.

Clarifying that he had no 'conscious desire' to snatch away the Nano project from West Bengal, Mr Modi said it all happened because of the chain of events that took place, the commitment of the people of Gujarat to industrialisation, work culture and the united efforts of everybody cutting across political affilitation.

Stressing that continuity in the process of industrialisation was necessary, Mr Modi said Gujarat has always had tried to take advantage of the liberalisation policy for setting up of big industries, while the 'Marxists' in Bengal, who had taken an 'anti-industry' stand in the past, were now advocating in favour of industry.

''Credibility to the people is protected only when there is a continuity in industrialisation. Once Marxists like you took an extreme anti-industry stand by not allowing computers in your state.

Now you are speaking about industrialisation. But, Buddhadeb babu, even if you try for industrialisation, neither your party nor the administration is by your side,'' he said.

Mr Modi said he did not try to woo the Tatas to go to Gujarat when talks were on in West Bengal for setting up the Nano project in Singur.

''Rather my thought was that let it be in Singur. If it does not happen there, then I will bring it to my state,'' the letter added.

''When Nano was set to pull out from West Bengal, I started putting in my efforts and I have got the result. After Nano came to our state, a Diwali has started in Gujarat. The people of the village where the project will come up, celebrated whole night with fireworks,'' he said.

Mr Modi informed that the land he had given to Mr Ratan Tata for the Nano project had already been acquired and there was no debate as to whether it was agricultural or non-agricultural.

The fact that the Gujarat government was able to give the land just in two days was because the state government had already created a land bank by acquiring land in advance so that it can be readily given to an industrialist, he said.

''We too have agricultural land and have to give compensation while acquiring such plots. But we do it through discussions and it is a continuous process,'' Mr Modi said.

Even though admitting that West Bengal had much more agricultural land and had to face a greater problem in acquisition for industrial purpose, the Gujarat Chief Minister said it was necessary for the West Bengal government to continue negotiation with the Opposition on this issue.

''In Gujarat, we always hold negotiation with the Opposition. You will be surprised to know that this process goes on throughout the year,'' the letter said.

Almost in the same vein, Mr Modi's letter to Ms Banerjee said the Opposition in Gujarat never opposed the government only for the sake of opposition.

''The Congress in Gujarat has wholeheartedly supported Nano coming to the state. We, in Gujarat, never do politics over industrialisation. Whatever politics might be there for vote, all of us are united over the question of Gujarat's development,'' he said.

Even though extending ideological support to Ms Banerjee in her movement against the Marxists, Mr Modi called upon her to shun 'negative' politics.

''I can tell you as a political colleague that the people are now tired of the 'Nahi chalega, Nahi chalega' politics,'' he said.

He said he considered Mamata as her younger sister and would advise her to change the way of her politics.

''You are like my younger sister and I would advise you not to turn to an extreme Leftist standpoint while countering the Leftists.

Rather, you build up an alternative in West Bengal by taking the rightist path. Raise demands for more industry, more roads, more employment,'' he said.


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