Monica's reentry changes equations in 'Bigg Boss';Rahul on backfoot

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New Delhi, Oct 9: Film actor Monica Bedi's re-entry in the 'Bigg Boss' house seems to have set off a change in equations with the current favourite and ''ladies man'' Rahul Mahajan suddenly finding himself on the backfoot and at the receiving end of the estrangement from Payal Rohtagi as well as Monica.

After sharing a lot of intimate moments in last couple of weeks with housemate Payal, Rahul was trying to convince Monica that he was not in a relationship with Payal in yesterday's episode of the 'Bigg Boss 2', a reality show on the Colors general entertainment channel.

Nothing was cooking up between them, Rahul tried to tell Monica.

To that Monica said he didn't have to clarify anything. She knew everything and so did the world outside.

Though completely shocked by Monica's statement, Rahul, persisting with efforts to woo her, said, ''you know I have been waiting for you. I missed you, your smiles. But I don't deserve this kind of treatment even as a friend.'' Monica, subsequently, seemed to have agreed and was trying to be normal with him. She told him, ''you have to respect me. Do not make a fool out of me.'' On being asked to elaborate on her statement, still confused about why she was ignoring him, Monica said, ''you know what I mean.'' On the other hand, Rahul's overtured towards Monica seems to have put off Payal, causing a crack in their relationship.

At the end of the episode Rahul also tried to persuade Payal that there was nothing between him and Monica. ''Why are you behaving with me in such a strange manner all of a sudden,'' Rahul asked Payal.

For the first time since the start of the 'Bigg Boss 2' Rahul Mahajan, who has always had his way with women housemates, be it Monica, Rakhi, Alina or Payal, seemed to find himself on the backfoot, having to contend with the enstragement from Monica and Payal.

This coupled with the fact that Rahul's charm have failed to woo Diana Hayden, who is more friendly with Ashutosh and Debojit, makes the present position of Rahul an unenviable one.

More shock could be in store for Rahul in the coming days.

Observers feel Payal, who is among those nominated by housemates for eviction this week, could have to leave the house, given her decreasing popularity especially after the recent tirade against her by item girl Sambhavana Seth, who was recently evicted from the house.

This would bring down the number of Rahul's admirers among the housemates and leave him in the company of Ashotosh, Raja, Ehsaan, Zulfi, Debojit, Diana and Monica, majority of whom are not seen to be among his supporters.

Rahul's current dilemma has caused a feeling of glee among housemates especially Raja, who has been seen as the rival of Rahul on the show.

Yesterday's episode saw Raja and Ashutosh watching with amusement the tiff between Rahul and Payal. In fact, Monica's re-entry into the 'Bigg Boss' house is being seen as a threat to Rahul's ambition of winning the reality show.

Given the fact that despite being nominated for eviction thrice in the past weeks, he has been saved from eviction by the public voting.

In fact, observers say that after her wildcard entry in the show, she is in the most advantageous position now and is tipped to last till the end and is likely to give a tough fight to Rahul if he is still there in the house.

Whatever might happen in the coming weeks, the 'Bigg Boss 2' is poised for many interesting twists as it enters last few weeks of its run.


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