Critics say Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie" has 'no audience'

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Washington, Sept 30 : Film critics who have been to a couple of screenings of 'Valkyrie', a Tom Cruise starrer film based on the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler, believe finding an audience for the movie will be very difficult.

They agree that it is a well-made movie and an absorbing thriller, but insist that a host of other films that can cover the intellectual upscale audience are to be released in the coming days, and thus marketing problems for Valkyrie can be huge.

Industry insiders point out that December 26 is already scheduled for the release of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's flick 'Revolutionary Road'.

The wide release of Ron Howard's 'Frost/Nixon' and John Cusack's highly anticipated 'Shanghai' are also expected to cover the intellectual upscale audience.

Among family dramas, Forest Whitaker's 'Hurricane Season', Jennifer Aniston's 'Marley and Me', and Adam Sandler's 'Bedtime Stories' are also in the pipeline.

"You sit there and say, 'Who am I selling this movie to? Who's the audience? And the answer is, No one,'" Fox News quoted an industry insider as saying.

Critics have also revealed that Valkyrie is not good enough to bag an Oscar.

"It's not an Oscar movie, there's nothing Oscar about it," they say.

The movie has no mention of the atrocities that were committed on Hitler's command, no mention of the famed Holocaust either.

"It's just discussed that Hitler is ruining Germany's legacy and that the war is not good for history. All the other stuff, you're just supposed to know that's going on in the background," an insider said.

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