Omar Bakri Mohammed's daughter is 'sex mad', says ex lover

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London, Sept 29 : The notorious Muslim extremist Omar Bakri Mohammed's daughter is an "animal" in bed, reveals her ex lover.

The 20-year-old son of Brazilian immigrants revealed that Yasmin Fostok, 27, was 'sex mad'.

"We had mad sex. She was very athletic in bed - it was loud," British tabloid The Sun quoted the lover as saying. "But then what did I expect? A pole dancer does not just have ordinary sex. She was an animal," he added.

Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, a barber from London said that it were Fostok's insatiable demands that forced him to end their relationship.

He did not know that the 27-year-old pole dancer was the daughter of Bakri.

It was so wild I thought she was a bit mad. When I got up in the morning I thought 'This cannot go further'," he added.

The duo met in March when Fostok contacted him on Facebook, and asked to hook up.

Their first date, to a comedy club in central London, ended with a simple kiss - but the she quickly showed she was after more when she emailed him 11 sexy photos.

Some snaps showed her naked, and in others she sported kinky gear - including a Police girl's outfit.

He said that, on one occasion, they were in a Honda Civic with another couple when Yasmin began pawing him. "She wanted to go for it. I had to tell her to relax. It was embarrassing as my cousin and her friend were there," he said.

The two parted ways in June.

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