American ex-model teaches fusion yoga to Indians

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By Ami Sharma

Ahemdabad, Sept 16 : Having shun the glamour world and turned towards yoga in a bid to satisfy her inner self, American ex-model Leah Martin is here on a mission to promote adoption of orphan kids while popularizing fusion yoga among Indians.

Fusion yoga, which is the latest trend, is the blend of music with yoga that Martin has mastered in.

After being in New York for five years where she worked for international brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Jessica Simpson and Microsoft, Martin has made Ahmedabad her destination for teaching fusion yoga.

27-year-old Martin said that she learnt the nuances of yoga from Yoga Vedanta Centre in Kerala and the music part from Saide Nardini and the trainees are responding well to her blending of yoga with music.

"I have implemented a fusion by just bringing in together with all kinds of music of course through me," said Martin.

Martin's trainees are very happy with this innovative style of hers and are full of praises for their yoga instructor.

"The concept is really good with music. Martin is really good with the feeling she gives us. She deeply goes into it and she explains to us very well," said Rujju Desai, a trainee.

But apart from teaching her brand of yoga, Martin has taken upon herself to help millions of orphan children in India to be in a family by promoting adoption.

She has plans to make a music video wherein she intends to rope in orphan kids and Bollywood celebrities and promote adoption of orphan kids. She said that the lyrics for the video have been written and the talks are on with the celebrities for the shoot.

"There are 12.4 million orphans in this country and only 3500 kids were adopted last year. If I can use this gift that I have been given in this lifetime to do this work. Just simply make a video using these beautiful faces of these children," said Martin.

India of late has made the adoption process simpler, but the process has yet to pickup. As a result many end up begging on roads or getting into the vortex of child labour doing menial or unhealthy jobs.

In the absence of a family, these children are deprived of their childhood and are victims of malnourishment.

According to the UNICEF, every year 2.1 million children in India die before their fifth birthday, mainly because of poverty-induced malnourishment.

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