Camilla to be Queen soon, thanks to Prince Charles

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{image-Prince Charles_14092008.jpg}London, Sept 14: Prince Charles is secretly planning to make Camilla the Queen, it has emerged.

According to sources, the heir to the throne has conducted top-level meetings with his main advisors, constitutional experts and religious leaders to secure his wife the title she's desperate for. The Prince is likely to get his way because it would require a change in law for her not to be crowned. And he's ready to do it with or without the Queen's approval. The plan will enrage those who believe Camilla should never be queen-because her relationship with Charles caused the breakdown of his marriage to Princess Diana. A senior Royal Household source said that the Camilla is desperate to have the top title, even though it is widely known she hates public duties. 'Make no mistake, this is very important to the Prince and the Duchess,' News of the World quoted the source, as saying.

'Clarence House has previously indicated that when the Prince of Wales becomes king, Camilla intends to be known as Princess Consort. But that is not set in stone-far from it. The Prince and Duchess do not want her status undermined when he is the sovereign. And both believe the matter will be resolved in their favour. 'Remember the Prince once authorised a leak that he had no intention of marrying Mrs Parker Bowles. But everyone knew the truth-he had every intention of getting what he wanted,' the source added.

The Queen is anxious that making Camilla queen will harm the Royal family. However, under current laws Camilla will automatically get the title when Charles is made king, simply because she is his wife. The ruling was established in 1936 during the abdication crisis involving King Edward VIII. Charles believes by the time the Queen dies, the public would have accepted Camilla and so they won't mind her taking the title.

'Charles is mindful of the Queen's views. But he knows in his own mind that his wife should be queen when he ascends to the throne,' the source said.


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