Unseen video of POW McCain's release in Vietnam surfaces

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Washington, Sept.12 : Previously unseen footage of Republican presidential candidate John McCain on the day he was released after five years as a Vietnam prisoner-of-war, have been found and released to the public.

Swedish ex-journalist Erik Eriksson, 71, discovered the video in a TV company's archives while researching a book about his life as a war correspondent.

According to The Sun, the two minute 14 second clip shows dive-bomber pilot McCain and 15 other prisoners being led one-by-one from a Hanoi compound in 1973. Each is dressed in identical blue-grey, long-sleeved shirts and dark trousers and carries a beige jacket.

Although only 37, a proud and stoic McCain, limping from a leg injury, has prematurely white hair.

And he grimaces in pain as he steps off a bus taking them to the handover area.

The prisoners then stand in rows until a Vietnamese official calls their name.

At his turn, McCain briskly strides up to salute US officers.

Finally the men are filmed walking to an American plane.

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