Ganesha idols immersed in Mumbai

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Mumbai, Sep 9 : Devotees in Mumbai, gathered on the beaches for the farewell ritual on the sixth day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, that marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha, by immersing the idols in water.

The immersion of the idols marks the end of festivities for many, but the devotees believe he will again return next year bringing happiness and joy.

Devotees carried the idols of Ganesha amidst beating of drums and immersed it in water bodies to bid adieu to the God.

During the festival people here install beautiful idols of Lord Ganesha and his mother Goddess Gauri, in their homes and sing hymns and celebrate the arrival of their God.

"Gauri is with Lord Ganesha because she is his mother. We believe that she comes to visit him once in a year and hence we have kept her idol with his idol," said Rajni, a devotee.

This year the festival began on September 3.

The festival is very popular in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Legend has it that Hindu Goddess Parvati, consort of Shiva had created Ganesha from a perfumed putty-like substance, and made him to stand outside her abode not to allow anybody in, while was having a bath.

Shiva flew into rage on not being allowed in by the boy and beheaded him.

Soon realizing his mistake, Shiva brought Ganesha back to life by putting an elephant head on his shoulders.

Thus was created Ganesha, the lord of wisdom and remover of obstacles and is worshipped by Hindus at the beginning of every auspicious occasion.

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