When a drunk Lily Allen said "F*** off Elton!

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London, Sep 3 : Pop star Lily Allen has got Elton John agitated with her drunken act at the recent GQ awards.

Allen looked serene in a full-length gown while hosting the award function with Elton John, but then she began binging on champagne and things became ugly.

Elton, who was irate by then passed a comment and then began the war of words, reports The Sun.

As Lily told fans "and now to the most important part of the night," Elton replied: "What? Are you going to have another drink?"

Taking offence, the 'Smile' singer retorted: "F*** off Elton, I am 40 years younger than you and have my whole life ahead of me!"

Meanwhile, the 'Smile' hitmaker has revealed that she was scared to death for her best friend's life after he was kidnapped for almost a week.

"My friend Charlie was kidnapped a few weeks ago and was kept in a car boot for six days without any food or anything.

The pop star also stated that she is grateful to the Police, who did a fine job by safely rescuing her friend.

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