Meet the Brit girl who spent 18 years of life eating chicken nuggets!

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London, Aug 25 : A Brit student is finally enjoying the taste of fresh fruit and a whole range of other foods - after a lifetime of eating almost nothing but chicken nuggets and chips.

Carla Laban, from Coventry, is overjoyed after conquering a food phobia, which left her unable to swallow any food but chicken nuggets and chips

The 20-year-old was just two when her family discovered chicken nuggets was the only meal that did not make her feel violently sick.

From then on, she skipped breakfast each day then had nuggets for lunch and dinner, eating around 30 a day.

However, now Laban has been weaned off her unhealthy diet by a hypnotherapist and is starting to eat vegetables and pasta.

"I can remember having chicken nuggets and chips for the first and thinking, 'I can eat this without being sick,'" the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

"Before that, I couldn't eat anything without having a panic attack and my throat tightening up. I couldn't even stand the smell of other food." Carla did lots of exercise and took vitamins to aid her unbalanced diet - but it still affected her health.

"I used to get ill quite a lot. While classmates would have a cold for a week, I'd have one for four.

"People thought I was being fussy. They didn't understand that I physically couldn't eat anything else," she added.

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