When Anne Hathaway thought only nose job could spell her success!

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London, Aug 25 : Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has revealed that she used to be insecure about her looks as a young artist, and had considered a nose job at one point of time.

The 'Princess Diaries' actress admits that she used to be desperate for a nose job in order to look like other girls in the industry.

"Growing up, there's a lot of pressure on young women, when you first become aware of your own looks in relation to other women's looks," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

"You just want to be cookie-cutter beautiful, and sometimes you think, 'Maybe I could change something about myself to fit that mould', I'm no exception to that," she added.

However the actress, who is presently pretty satisfied with her looks, admits that it is her nose that lets her freely emote on the screen.

"When I was growing up I wanted a nose job because I didn't think my nose was good, And my nose is now, I think, what lets me change my face a lot and lets me be glamorous as Agent 99," Hathaway said.

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