Shilpa's new found love for old tormentor Goody

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London, Aug 21 : Over a year ago, Indian actress Shilpa Shetty and Brit star Jade Goody were at the centre of a storm of racism and bullying allegations, but now the two have put the past behind them.

Shetty has wished Goody well after the latter was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Jade has just left the Indian version of the show Celebrity Big Brother - hosted by Shilpa - and flown back to Britain to start treatment for her cancer. And now, Shilpa has said that she wants to be there for Jade every step of the way after they forged an unlikely friendship and strong emotional connection.

"I spoke with her. It was a private conversation, but we've exchanged numbers and we've put all our previous troubles in the past so I'd wish only the best for her," the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

"It is very emotional and I'm really sad. When you spend time with somebody, whether they're good, bad or ugly, you know the person. And when you know them you wouldn't wish something bad to happen to them.

"I thought about her family and when I spoke to her she said: 'You know, I'm really worried for my children, I've been through a lot in my life but this is the worst'.

"It was so sad. You wouldn't wish this on your enemy. And Jade isn't my enemy. I felt very helpless," she said.

The tearful star added: "I hope I stay in contact with her - and I'm not saying that for effect. I had no idea she had some clue that she might be ill when she went into the house.

"I thought maybe it was luck the disease had been picked up during some routine health check she'd had done for the show.

"She's already been through so much and nobody deserves to go through that much in a life. It must be difficult for a single mother, who's had a hard upbringing. We all deserve a second chance and she definitely does."

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