A school in Chandigarh inculcates honesty among children

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Chandigarh, Aug 16 : A school in village Rajewal is inculcating honesty among its students through a special bookshop being run without any salesman.

The birthplace of Bhagat Puran Singh, a great saint and helper of the disabled, the village earned the distinction of being a hub of moral education.

Following Bhagat Puran Singh's ideology of "education to all", it runs a senior secondary school bearing his name, which imparts quality education and high moral values.

"We want to make good citizens, not just produce clerks. We want good citizens, good engineers and good doctors," said G S Brar, a principal, Bhagat Puran Singh Memorial Senior Secondary School.

Students come to the shop, buy the required book or stationery items and make their payments. In case, the student does not have enough money, he or she leaves a paper slip with his or her name and class written on it. The particular student can make the payment later.

"Today, the people suffering due to dishonesty, corruption and all evils in society. So, we want to prepare the new generation who has to take up issues for the good of this country when they grow up. They must be honest first. So with that objective, we have started this honesty shop," said Balbir Singh Rajewal, a patron, Bhagat Puran Singh Memorial Trust.

The institutions run by the Trust are flourishing throughout rural Punjab and are imparting quality education.

The institution relies solely on donations from well-wishers and has never sought any assistance from the Government. Each member of the 21-members of the management committee donates 28 USD at the beginning of every year. The major donation comes from the villagers itself.

"I am very proud that this village Rajewal has the largest number of industrialists and businessmen as any where in Punjab. This is the only village, which has such a large asset of businessmen who donate for this purpose. They are all followers of Bhagat Puran Singh's teachings," said Rajewal. By Karan Kapoor

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