Pak PM says US being impatient in calling for unilateral strikes in FATA

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Washington, July 30 : Referring to the recent US' threats of unilateral action inside Pakistan's tribal areas (FATA), Prime Minster Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that Americans were showing impatience as far its war on terror was concerned, and Pakistan forces would themselves fight back militants.

"Americans are a little impatient. In the future I think we'll have more cooperation on the intelligence side while we'll do the job ourselves," the Daily Times quoted him as saying in an interview with the CNN in Washington during his ongoing US visit.

Gilani said the insurgents in the FATA were better armed with sophisticated weapons than Pakistani forces, and that that Pakistan lacked such sophisticated weaponry.

He further said that the war being fought was not an ordinary war but "a guerrilla war". He said the insurgents had FM communications and they sent messages which Pakistan did not have the ability to deal with, implying that Pakistan would need jamming equipment to come to grips with those clandestine radio stations.

Recalling his meeting with US President George Bush in Egypt, Gilani said he had told him that the US should not take unilateral action on Pakistani territory. "It was for Pakistan to take such actions and it would need to be in possession of actionable intelligence to do that. It is our job because we are fighting the war for ourselves," he added.

To a question that the US expected Pakistan to "do more" to fight terrorism, Gilani replied that "we both have to do more, not only us".

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