Nuke deal: Power game in all its glory

Written by: Pragathi K
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In a mere 24 hrs or so.... 535 MPs will decide the fate of UPA cabinet!

As the Parliament session began with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh trying utmost to woo the left-over MPs with his humble words, thanking UPA stalwarts like Sonia, Jyoti Basu, Harkishan Singh Surjeet and banking on its 4-year old 'good governance', the speech very much appealed. Though, only on Tuesday, July 22 we will know whether these words did some justice to UPA? Will it get them sympathy votes or not?

But the most interesting thing in Indian political history at this juncture, is the various parties coming together to vote for what they think is a 'noble cause'. Aligning and re-aligning is still going on at this eleventh-hour. Horse-trading is very much the part-and-parcel of the game. All the dirty-tricks in the books are being used.

In this temptuous time, the arch rivals of centuries who could not see eye-to-eye, coming together not only to vote but jointly work against the 'betrayers'. CPI, CPM voting against Nuclear deal, which in-turn 'for' NDA is a shocker in itself. Deve Gowda 's JD-S just now defeated in the Karnataka polls by BJP, lending support to NDA is again a 'never to happen' situation. Mayawati ever loyal to UPA, this time has turned her back to the party suspecting Congress-SP alliance in both the state and centre. Most powerful leader of UNPA, she can with her MPs tilt this-way or that. Thanks to Mayajaal, Andhra Pradesh's two warring parties TRS and TDP have united to fight the Nuclear deal. Personal interests and regionalism reeks through this deal. Be it emergence of Telangana or Prime Ministership to Maya.

You may ask, why is this important? This will have a huge bearing in the nearing Lok Sabha elections. This again shows the loyalty of MPs and parties. But, pertaining to Nuke deal, let's see who's planning comes through? It is ultimately the 'survival of the fittest'!

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