Madge, Ritchie marriage 'hanging by a thread'

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London, July 14 : Madonna's marriage to director Guy Ritchie is hanging by the thin thread of their religion, reveals her brother Christopher Ciccone in his new autobiography.

Christopher's tome 'Life With My Sister Madonna', he reveals that one of the only things that's keeping the couple together is Kabbalah, a cross between Judaism, Catholicism and Buddhism, reports the Daily Star.

"The Press may report that Guy isn't as involved in Kabbalah as Madonna, but that isn't true," Christopher says in the book.

"Guy's world and his conversations nowadays revolve around Kabbalah. According to our sister Melanie, who still sees Madonna and Guy, they often come over for dinner but will only talk about Kabbalah.

"If the conversation strays to any other topic they lose interest."

In the explosive new book, Christopher also reveals about how Madge treated him when she invited him to attend the lavish five-day ceremony at Castle Skibo, Scotland, in 2000.

When he told her he could not afford to attend, Christopher reveals that Madonna sent him a first class air ticket and paid his accommodation.

However, it was only after he had settled in that he discovered that Madonna had deducted the cost from cash she owed him for work he did on one of her houses. As a result, he writes, he was only left with a few dollars.

What's worse is that the openly gay Christopher then has to listen to Guys pals making jokes about homosexuals.

"I glance at my sister, hoping to see a look of outrage on her face, but there is none," he writes.

"I am sad that Madonna, whose early success was built on her legions of gay fans, can listen to these comments without protest."

The book goes on sale on July 15.

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