Posh's plane's bird-hit tarmac terror!

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London, July 9 : Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice got the scare of her life when the plane she was travelling in was brought to a screeching halt just moments before take off.

The Spice Girl and her sons Romeo and Cruz were on the plane when suddenly a bird flew into one of its engines.

The pilot slammed the brakes and the aircraft was brought to a halt. Emergency crews rushed in, dousing the overheated brakes with foam.

And as if that scare wasn't enough, Posh then had to deal with the fact that she was wearing standard-issue aircraft pyjamas and no make-up!

She then managed a quick transformation, grabbing her high heels, designer clobber and lipstick, reports The Sun.

As other passengers were taken back to the terminal, Posh stayed behind in the plane to complete her makeover.

She, her sons, her PA and a bodyguard were taken to the building separately. They later caught another flight to London from Los Angeles.

While Posh was not their to comment, another of the terrified passengers did.

The passenger said: "It was really scary when the pilot suddenly slammed on the brakes. The plane was taxiing down the runway and we were set for take-off.

"We had no idea what was happening and you immediately fear the worst. I was sitting a few rows back from Victoria and her sons, who were at the front of the plane.

"Victoria wasn't wearing any make-up and had changed into the pyjamas provided by the airline.

"It looked like she kept really calm throughout. She appeared to be comforting Romeo at one point.

"I guess she was as relieved as everyone else.

"Who knows what could have happened if the bird had flown into the engine a few seconds later, after take-off.

"Young children were crying and for a moment I feared it was going to turn into a scene from a disaster movie."

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