Emergency has come to stay unannounced here: Janhastakshep

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New Delhi, Jun 26 (UNI) The black days of Emergency imposed in 1975 by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has come to stay in India with the building up of an unannounced consensus among the main political parties on the curtailment of human and civil rights of a vast majority of people and brutal repression of those who dared to air dissent against the establishment, said academicians and political activists.

Speaking at the observance of the 33rd anniversary of the Emergency organised by Janhastakshep, a people's Intervention Group here they said the ruling Congress slapped Emergency on June 25, 1975 in the country targeting at its opponent political forces out to upstage Mrs Indira Gandhi. But, now the political parties seemed to have reached an understanding to serve an upper section of the Indian people and suppress the deprived if they happened to organise for their rights, said Mr K B Saxena, former Bihar Chief Secretary here last evening.

Moreover, he said, the political class, irrespective of their pronouncements were united on a single point-serving the interests of the big capital in the name of liberalisation and globalisation.

In the process, the farmers are being divested of their lands, tribals of their forest habitats, public sector sacrificed at the altar of private enterprise and unemployed youths seeking jobs supressed with the country's policies becoming subservient to the USA dominance, said Delhi CPI (ML-New Democracy) secretary Dr Aparna.

Among others who spoke at the occasion included Ms Nandini Sundar, a teacher in Delhi University, Dr N K Bhattacharya, a retired professor of DU and Suman Chakervarty, editor of Mainstream magazine.

The gathering adopted a resolution condemning the police and security forces outsourcing to plainclothes young ruffians, the repression on tribals opposing Posco and Tata enterprises in Orissa.


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