Python eggs amuse visitors at Chhattisgarh zoo

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Bhilai (Chattisgarh), June 6 : Visitors are pouring at Maitribagh Zoo in Chhattisgarh to see the eggs laid by a python. The six-feet-long python was rescued by the zoo authorities from Angora village where it was found hanging on a tree.

The zoo authorities brought it to Maitribagh and started taking care of it where it laid eggs leaving every one astonished.

"We did not want to do anything apart from providing medical treatment to the python. We thought that it was sluggish because it was still recovering. We got to know that it had conceived when it laid eggs," said T. S Shatri, Associate Manager of the zoo.

As the news spread, visitors started coming to the zoo to see the eggs laid by the python.

"I came here to see the eggs laid by this python. I had never seen the eggs of any snake. I saw eggs laid by a snake for the first time in my life," said Abid Ali, a visitor.

According to the zoo authorities, there are two kinds of pythons found in India. The pythons that do not lay eggs are found in Assam and the other kind called rock pythons that lay eggs are found in the rest of the country.

The baby pythons come out of the eggs during the monsoon season.

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