'Price rise will see common man throwing out UPA Govt' : BJP

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New Delhi, Jun 2 (UNI) With the inflation touching a four-year peak of 8.1 per cent, the BJP today said the sooner the aam aadmi shows the UPA Government the door, it would be better for him.

In a resolution adopted at the National Executive of the BJP, the party said Finance Minister P Chidambaram had already expressed his helplessness about dealing with the situation and the sooner the aam aadmi showed the UPA government the door, it is better for him.

Accusing the UPA government of not doing anything to improve the conditions of the common man, the party said the economy of surpluses had been transformed into an economy of shortages. The situation was going from bad to worse every week and the real time inflation was frightening with the prices of essential commodities rising from 50 to 120 per cent during the last four years.

The directionless policies of the UPA had derailed the economy and the government found itself off the mark and there was inherent contradictions within the ruling coalition. The Government suffered from paralysis caused by internal contradictions and was not competent to check prices. The PM has his foot on accelerator while the Left parties had the control over the brakes and the steering was at the command of the 'Super PM', the party observed without taking any names.

Analysing the reasons behind the price hike, the party said it was because of the opportunistic alliance on the strength of negative ideology. Dr Singh the economist had failed as PM while the Left parties had enforced their own agenda devouring the Common Minimum Programme of the Left Parties. To cover up its failure the UPA was alleging NDA was trying to draw political mileage out of rising prices. Do they expect the Opposition to sit idle? the resolution asked.

China in comparison to India had made great progress during the last 15 years because its leader Deng Zhao Peng had shed the country's dependence on Marxism. On the other hand the blame for slow growth in India right from the 60s to 90s should go to Congress brand of socialism, synonymous with corruption, favouritism, nepotism and crony capitalism, the party noted. The Government was finding scapegoats in blaming states for the present situation. If there was any truth in this logic there should have been no rise in prices atleast in the Congress and Communist ruled states, the party said.

When Atal Bihari Vajpayee took over as Prime Minister, the growth rate was 6.5 per cent and when he demitted office in 2004, the level had touched 8.5 per cent.

Touching upon petroleum prices, the BJP said that prices had increased eight times since the UPA assumed office. The revenues from petroleum products in 2004 was Rs 70,000 crore while its figures for 2007-08 was 1,70,000 crore. The Government is swelling its coffers on the pretext of increasing prices in the world market, the BJP observed.

Analysing the reasons behind inflation the party said the government was directionless and was pulling in different directions. On the one hand, Left parties were pulling the legs of the UPA and there were deep differences within the Congress leaders on the ways of controlling prices.

The resolution said the UPA spoke in different voices. The PM blamed it on international market while his Finance Minister dismissed it as 'short term crisis'. One minister claimed that the government did not have any magic wand to bring down prices. The Government, the BJP said, paid no attention to the overall economy or the food economy. Agriculture and infrastructure had been ignored. Because of mismanagement of the economy, fiscal deficit was expected to reach an alarming figure of 10 per cent of the GDP and deficit financing of such magnitude will further acclerate inflation.


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