Chattisgarh jail inmates engage themselves in creative activities

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Durg (Chattisgarh), May 28 : Inmates of the Durg Central Jail in Chhattisgarh have engaged themselves in different constructive activities like the making of wooden items, stitching clothes and printing work.

These inmates, most of whom serving varying prison terms have learnt the Art of Living by spending five to seven hours every day doing some creative work.

Half of the money that they are paid goes to the family of the victims who suffered at their hands. They retain the other half with themselves and support their family with that.

"I am undergoing seven years imprisonment. I get Rs 12 a day for my work out of which Rs 6 is given to the victim's family and I get the remaining Rs 6. I have a bank account," said Metram Banjara, a prisoner.

The inmates are provided training in performing these tasks. The prisoners are divided into two categories, skilled and unskilled. Skilled workers receive Rs 15 a day and unskilled workers get Rs 12 a day.

"In this jail, there are 288 prisoners. 50 per cent of the prisoners are engaged in jail services, 25 per cent are engaged in gardening and 25 per cent of the prisoners are engaged in factories," said Dr KK Gupta, Jail Superintendent.

These creative activities have given a new lease of life to the inmates who are now trying to forget their past and involve themselves completely in constructive activities.

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