'Konark, Jagannath temples not affected by global warming'

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New Delhi, Apr 29 (UNI) The Government today denied media reports that the temperature in Jagannath temple and the Konark Sun temple in Orissa would be adversely affected by global warming.

''The Green Peace report does not make any specific mention of the two temples. It only gives a general projection of sea-level over India and adjoining coastal area and associated vulnerability,'' Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal said in a written reply.

''These projections are however based on some assumptions and hence are uncertain in nature.'' X X X GANGA: There is no question of the Ganga going far away from its main source, Gaumukh, due to worsening environmental conditions on the Gangotri glacier, Mr Sibal said.

''The question does not arise as Gaumukh is the ice cave of the Gangotri glacier through which the Bhagirathi (Ganga) emerges.'' Citing studies conducted by the Geological Survey of India, he said the Gangotri glacier on an average receded at the rate of 18.80 m per annum between 1936 and 1996.

However, further studies by other institutions showed that the yearly recession rate dropped to 17.5 m during 1971-2004, and further t0 12.10 m in 2004-2005.

''Since the Ganga is still emanating from the ice cave of Gaumukh of Gangotri glacier, no steps are required to be taken at present for bringing back the flow of Ganga,'' he said.

As far as the recession of the glacier was concerened, he said it was part of a natural phenomena and could not be stopped by using short-term artificial measures.


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