'Back-to-school' 'learned' adults stumped by 5th grader Qs.

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New Delhi, Apr 27 (UNI) Are you smarter than, say, a class two, class three or class five school kid? Ask a professor, a medical professional or a corporate professional this question and the answer would invariably be in the affirmative. However, pose the same people with class one to five grade elementary questions and the chances are that one would find them stumped and clueless about the right answers to the questions that a class one to five school kid would take not more than a second or two to answer.

This is exactly the premise of 'Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain', an innovative television game show that has adult contestants in the 'hot seat' as Shahrukh Khan, the 'headmaster of a class of grade one to five kids', tests their wits and knowledge with a group of school going kids.

Premiered on Star Plus on Friday, 'Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain', being aired on Star Plus at 8 pm the weekends, has contestants answering grade school level questions based on the lessons they learnt in elementary school in their quest for a prize money of Rs five crore.

The game takes on a classroom theme with host Shahrukh Khan being the head of the class. Five first to fifth class students, called classmates, are on hand to help contestants earn high marks and win big money.

Five classmates sit at school desks to start the game. The contestant selects one classmate to come up and stand next to a podium next to her, to help out with answers during the game. All the kids write down their own answers to each question as the game progresses to both help the contestant and add interest to the game.

After every two questions, the contestant must chose another classmate to come to the front of the class and take the podium to help him/her if required.

Adding an elements of fun to the contest are three lifelines available to the contestant during his/her climb atop the money ladder 'Taank Jhaank', 'Nakal' and 'Bachao'.

While 'Taank Jhank' gives an opportunity to the contestant to review his current teammate's answer before sumitting his own, 'Nakal' means that the contestant may not opt to answer the question at all but let his current teammate answer for him (unlike the 'Taank Jhank' cheat, in case of 'Nakal', the contestant cannot reject his teammate's answer and has to go with it).

The third lifeline 'Bachao' is triggered automatically of the contestant gives a wrong answer. If the contestant's current partner turns out to have the correct answer, the contestant is then 'saved'.

If the contestant makes it to the eleventh and the final question, he cannot use the classmate's help in answering the question even if any of his cheats have not been used.

Notably, upon getting an answer incorrect or deciding to prematurely end the game, the contestants must state that they are, in fact, not smarter than a panchvi pass.

Though the atmosphere on the sets is almost casual and relaxed, even while the possibility of winning crores of rupees hangs in balance, what add an element of fun and thrill to the proceedings is the pressure of going back to school for the participant, keeping their reputation intact and taking help from merely nine-year-olds.

The kids forming part of headmaster Shah Rukh's 'Paanchi Pass Ki Pathshala'.

Shriya Sharma from Palampur, Dheirya Sorecha from Mumbai, Anubhav Motilal from Delhi, Shreeparna Ghosai from Delhi and Milanjeet Singh Bhatti from Chandigarh- were chosen after months of stringent screening and many aptitude tests in Delhi and Mumbai.

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