Spoilt child? Thanks to modern mums

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London, Apr 7 (UNI) Fiercely ambitious modern mums, balancing the demands of motherhood and career, are breeding a generation of spoilt and demanding children, says a report on parenting.

According to a British study 'The Making of Modern Motherhood', mothers were increasingly expected to monitor everything from their child's calorie intake to their exercise regimes and after-school lessons, under the pressure to control every aspect of their children's lives.

The report published in the Daily Telegraph, studied changes over the generations which showed that today's grandparents were deeply concerned about how their daughters were bringing up their children.

The plethora of choices available to today's mothers have turned parenting into a competition and damaged women's confidence in their ability to make the right decisions for their children, they grandparents believed. They also believed the more intense rhythm of daily life created demanding babies.

Women who became mothers during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s took a more relaxed attitude to raising offspring and perceived motherhood as something they 'just got on with', co-director of the study professor Rachel Thomson said.

''They didn't recognise the modern pressure and compulsion on parents to be constantly busy and sociable, taking their children to every class available, being up to date on endless independent research into everything from developmental goals to nutrition, while also balancing work and family,'' she observed.


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