New Report challenges IPCC findings on Climate Change

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New Delhi, Apr 4 (UNI) Global warming, the mother of all environmental scares, may not be as devastating as the UN climate change body IPCC projects, says a new study by over 40 civil society organisations from around the world.

Moreover, cutting the emission of greenhosue gases was not so much urgent, as the increase in global temperature might well be due to other natural factors, says the Report.

The study, which hotly contests almost all major contentions of the IPCC like global warming leading to increase in diseases and more deaths from extreme weather events and loss in agricultural production, among others also says that cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades was not a cost effective way to address cllimate change.

It says that while global warming was very likely and real and may well cause some problem, it does not agree with ''alarmists'' that unless drastic and urgent action was taken, catastrophic climate change will decimate humanity.

The report, brought out by the 40 organisations, including the London-based Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change, also claims that the Kyoto Protocol agreed in 1997 to reduce emissions to five per cent below the 1990 level by 2008-2012, has barely made any dent in spite of millions of dollars being spent.

The authors of the Report feel that restrictions on emissions of greenhouse gases or in other words on use of fossil fuels would hold back economic development in India, China and other poor countries, thereby preventing them from solving the problems they face today and adapt to the situation resulting from climate change.

It says that there was no evidence that climate change had caused increase in diseases, and if the main cause of diseases like diarrhoea and malaria were properly addressed, climate change will not increase their incidence.

''Millions of people in poor countries currently die due to lack of financial means and technology. And these problems have been exacerbated--not alleviated-- by foreign aid, which has supported unaccountable governments that have oppressed their citizens, denying them the ability to improve their lot,'' the Report said.

It also says that deaths from climate related natural disaster had fallen dramatically since the 1920s as a result of economic growth and technological development, and with continued economic growth, the death rate was likely to continue to fall regardless of climate change.

Moreover, agricultural production has outpaced poulation growth in the past 50 years, and with continued technological improvements, the trend will continue till 2100, even if the global mean temperature rises by 3 degrees, it contends.

The authors of the Report feel that instead of pushing emission restrictions and failed ''aid'' policies, government should focus on reducing barriers to economic growth and adaptation.

A presentation on the Report was made here by Prof Julian Morris of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, the UK. The Report was released by Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia.


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