SC refuses to withdraw death penalty of killer in triple murder

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New Delhi, Apr 3 (UNI) The Supreme Court has refused to show any mercy to the accused who killed three innocent and helpless children and injured three other remaining members of a family with whom he was staying as paying-guest for demanding the due of Rs 4000 from him.

A bench comprising Justices P P Naolekar and Lokeshwar Singh Panta dismissed the appeal of Prajeet Kumar Singh from Bihar who was staying as paying-guest at Rs 500 per month with the family of his close friend.

When the family demanded their dues Singh atacked three innocent and helpless children namely Deepak Kumar(16), Kiran Kumari(15), and Pooja Kumari(8) and killed them in a very cruel manner.

In all four accused were put to trial -- Singh, his father Ram Badai Singh, brother Ajit Singh, and Chandra Bhushan Pandey, a relative of the accused.

The Patna High Court confirmed the death sentence awarded to the appellant by the trial court.

The apex court in its 22-page-judgement pronounced yesterday noted ''In view of the aforesaid facts, we are of the view that there would be failure of justice in case death sentence is not awarded in the present case. The case falls in the category of the rarest of the rare cases. The sessions court and the High Court were justified in imposing death sentence on the accused appellant. The appeal is dismissd.'' Justice Naolekar writing the judgement for the bench also noted ''They(witnesses) were also brutally attacked without the slighest of consideration by the accused appellant that he had lived with them for four years. Not only that, when his friend, on whose account he was accomodated in the house, reached the place of incident on hearing the noise of his brother and sisters, he was also attacked and seriously injured.

It is clear from the material placed on record by the prosecution that all these persons were unarmed and the accused appellant was the only person in the room having the deadly weapon in his hand.

He could have escaped from the place giving the threat to the persons without causing any harm to the witnesses, but he acted in a different manner.

The enormity of the crime is writ large. The accused appellant caused multiple murders and attacked three witnesses. Thus, all the members of the family who were present on the day in the house became victims of the accused.

The brutality of the act is amplified by the manner in which the attack have been made on all the inmates of the house and in which the helpless victims have been murdered, which is indicative of the fact that the act was disbolic of the superlative degree in conception and cruel in execution and does not fall within any comprehension of the basic humaness, which indicates the mindset which cannot be said to be amenable for any reformation.'' The family of Pawan Kumar Thakur had to to pay too heavier price for keeping a tenant like the appellant. The incident relates to Supriya Road in Mirja Tolli of Bettiah town in Bihar.


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