Women with the blues have much more sex

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Melbourne, Mar 20 : Women who are depressed tend to have ore sex than their happier counterparts, even if they aren't in relationship.

The finding is based on a survey of 107 depressed and non-epressed Aussie women who were in relationships.

The researchers found that not only did women suffering from mild o moderate depression have more active sexual lives, but also ad sexually liberated attitudes, a bigger variety of sexual xperiences, but also if single, they also tended to indulge in asual sex.

"It was more sex and more of everything from kissing to petting, oreplay and intercourse," News.com.au quoted lead author Dr abura Allen, as saying.

"We knew this anecdotally from clinical samples but this is the irst time it's been shown in research," she added.

Dr Allen said that the reason depressed women were more likely to ave sex was that it helps them feel secure.

"When people are depressed they feel more insecure about their elationships and concerned that their partner may not care about hem or find them valuable. Having sex helps them feel that loseness and security," she said.

The study, soon to be published in a British medical journal, was resented at the International Congress on Women's Mental Health n Melbourne.

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