Captured killer tiger injured, brought to Mysore zoo

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Mysore, Mar 19 (UNI) The full grown tiger, which was terrorising the people of South Kodagu district and killed a number of cattle but later captured by the forest officials, was brought to the Mysore zoo today.

After the big cat killed 32 cattle in the South Kodagu villages during the last three months and was ultimately trapped in a cage by the forest officials on Monday night.

Mysore Zoo Executive Director Vijay Ranjan Singh told UNI that the tiger, aged between seven to eight years and weighing more than 100 kgs, had been injured and had suffered bruises in many parts of its body while some nails were missing. Having spent nearly 24 hours in the cage and withstanding the rigour of 120-km long road travel from Kodagu the big cat was exhausted.

It is possible that the tiger had a fight with another tiger in the forest recently and it was injured further while resisting the capture, the zoo ED said.

The ferocious wild animal had refused food and its continuos roar reverberated the sprawling Zoo premises. Once it was released into a bigger cage in the zoo it started hitting itself against the walls and unfortunately lost one of its teeth, he said.

"Our first priority is to save this tiger. We have administered antibiotics and will observe the animal for the next 24 hours before taking the next decision," Mr Singh said.

According to K Manu of Mysore Amateur Naturalists, it will be difficult to release the wild beast back in the forests after it had seen people from so near and tasted the flesh of tamed animals.

"It had protested violently against its capture. If it is left back in the forest it may attack any living thing which come across and create further trouble. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful animal is now caught and will have to live in captivity. But is also very dangerous to leave it back in the wild," he opined.


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