RSS unimpressed by denunciation of terror by Madrasas

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New Delhi, Mar 8 (UNI) The RSS has termed the declaration by Darul Uloom Deoband-- denouncing terrorism as unislamic-- a ''cosmetic sermon'', saying such exposition was of ''little solace for India to tackle the menace''.

The saffron organisation, however, described the first All India Anti-Terrorism Conference held under the aegis of the Asia's most revered Islamic seminary a ''welcome initiative''.

''It was for the first time a responsible segment of Islamic denomination had addressed the issue,'' an editorial comment in the RSS mouthpiece Organiser said.

''It was seen as Muslim clergy extending an olive branch to the Congress,'' it added.

The RSS sees no problem regarding the first part of the resolution which says Islam has taught its followers to treat all mankind with equality, mercy, tolerance, justice and denounced all kinds of violence and terrorism.

But the next part of the document, as posted on the Darul Uloom website, says that Deoband's definition of terror was simply different, which is a cause for concern.

''For us, the idea of terror is killing of innocent people but the website is referring to is state-sponsored terror and terror of the West against Islam. It is eloquent against terror of the West in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan but not against attacks in India on Parliament, Red Fort, Mumbai trains, Hindu temples in Varanasi and Akshardham and blasts in Delhi markets,'' the paper said.

''Darul Uloom Deoband, has no faith in democratic institution and is seen more as a sanctuary for the fundamentalists of Taliban school. It has no faith in impartiality of judiciary or law enforcing agencies. Nothing better should have been expected from an institution frozen in seventh century,'' the paper alleged.

The resolution adopted at the Conference and and the explanatory comments give an impression that the anti-terror meet was infact a facade to warn and attack the government against acting decisively against terror.

''It was not a reciprocal gesture towards UPA but a bargaining chip to promote jehadi cult, they are preaching through madrasas in the name of religious education,'' the paper said.


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