Asma Jahangir suggests abolition of death penalty

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Amritsar March 3, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) chairperson Asma Jahangir today said that she firmly believed that "death penalty" should be abolished all over the world.

While talking to the reporters at the information center of the Golden Temple, Asma said that as soon as their party forms government in Pakistan, their first endeavor would be to release Indian prisoners who have completed their sentences in various jails in Pakistan.

Asma stressed that international organizations and influential persons residing in India and Pakistan should support the efforts towards abolishing the death penalty in their respective countries.

While giving the figures she informed that there are over 7000 prisoners have been facing death penalty in Pakistan and none of them was given pardon from the death penalty.

She appealed that both India and Pakistan should repatriate their prisoners, who have been languishing in the various jails of their countries even after the completion of their imprisonments.

Asma said that it is matter of pity that fisherman of both countries are arrested by the security guards of India and Pakistan, while fishing in oceans.

However, after closely monitoring the terrible plight of Indo-Pak prisoners over the past many years, Asma believes that more needs to be done to ease the suffering of the many still held in jails across the border the two countries share.

"Pakistan government fails to identify the Pakistani nationals who have been in Amritsar central jail even after the completion of their imprisonment. We would do the job and determine their identities as soon as possible", she said.

Sukhdev Singh Bhoor, general secretary of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee (SGPC) gave a memorandum on behalf of SGPC to Asma Jahangir. SGPC also honored Asma with robe of honor, Siropa

Asma Jahangir was on a visit to India for meeting with heads of various religious bodies.

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