Russian Amur-1650, Amur-950 submarines on display at DefExpo

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New Delhi, Feb 15 (UNI) Amur-1650 and Amur-950 submarines will be the main feature of the Russian naval display at the fifth DefExpo, beginning here tomorrow.

Compared with diesel electric submarines of the previous generation, these have better capabilities, improved quietness, modern missiles and torpedoes, sonar technology, higher speed, greater depth of submergence and longer sea endurance.

The other warships exported by Russia such as Project 11356 frigate and Project 21956 destroyer, and a family of multi-role corvettes, including Project 20382 Tiger, featuring stealth technology, and Project 12322 Zubr (Aurochs) landing hovercraft, unique for its combat capability, size and speed will also be on display at the four-day land and naval systems exhibition.

Zubr, equipped with effective modern weapons, develops a speed of up to 60 knots (130 km an hour), has a crew of 37 and could transport 500 troops and equipment over long distances.

The expo will also feature a wide variety of Russian patrol boats and hovercraft such as Project 14232 Mercury customs air-bubble boat and Project 12061E Murena-E (MoraY) hovercraft, which is more effective, seaworthy, reliable and simpler to maintain than many similar foreign models.

High-speed patrol boat Mangust (Mongoose) of Project 12150, naval weapon systems such as Moskit, Club, Yakhont and Uran attack missile systems, and Rif-M, Shtil, Klinok and other surface-to-air missile systems, multi-purpose mobile coast-based high-precision missile system with 3M-14E, 3M-54E and 3M-54E1 missiles would also be on display at the event.


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