Shimla teacher invited to make presentation on Einstein's theory

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Shimla, Feb 7 (UNI) A Shimla-based school teacher has been invited by a committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology to present his research proposal on Einstein's E= mc2 theory at a meeting in Goa february 12.

The 20-minute presentation would be made before the Ministry's Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) on Plasma, High Energy, Nuclear Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics and non linear dynamics at the Raman School of Physics, Pondicherry University, Mr Ajay Sharma, the invited teacher, told UNI here.

The presentation would be followed by a brief discussion with the committee members of the Scientific Engineering Research Council (SERC) division of the Ministry of Science and Technology, he said.

Mr Sharma had pointed out ''inconsistencies'' in the Einstein's Law of Conservation of Matter equation, E = mc2, while putting forth a ''new improved equation''.

He has derived a new equation dE = Ac2dm (DE = Ac2DM) instead of E = mc2, which he said Einstein did not ''derive mathematically,'' but, in a true sense had ''speculated''.

Einstein had derived L=mc2 (light energy mass conversion equation) and then ''speculated'' that what was true for light energy (L) would also be true for energy (E), which was wrong, he said.

Mr Sharma works have been presented in US, England and various other countries.


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