I did the best work of my year in 2007: Shahrukh

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New Delhi, Feb 3 (UNI) He, along with Akshay Kumar, have been the two high points for Bollywood in an otherwise lacklustre 2007, having featured in two of the biggest hits of the year, 'Chak De India' and 'Om Shanti Om', each of them vastly different from the other in terms of style, genre and content.

The widespread acclaim and box office success of 'Chak De India' and the stupendous response to his 'Om Shanti Om', being touted as one of the biggest Bollywood grossers, has the 'King Khan' smiling from "ear to ear".

''I think the last year 2007, I did perhaps the best work of my life. This really was the nicest to work and to entertain the maximum number of people.

It has been 17-18 years of me being in Bollywood now and you get couple of great years. This was one of them. I played it all this year and I do not think it will get better than this. I will get roles and x,y,z awards but it wont get better than this,''Shahrukh said in an interview to a private news channel.

Among the highlights of Shahrukh's work this year was his "much-in-the-new" six pack abs which he developed for his role in 'Om Shanti Om'.

Talking to NDTV in an interview, to be aired on the channel today, Shahrukh said the prime motivation behind his developing the six pack abs was to prove to his son that he was not fat.

''I am very attached to my family and my son thought that I was fat. He said that ''there was this boy with whom he got into a fight when he said your papa is fat and I could not fight with them because you are fat. Though I didn't think I was fat, I said okay give me some time and this film required it and I wanted to have a physical change.

Also, a lot of guys who used to tell me, "body nahi hai shahrukhbhai, and macho nahi lagate hai aap" (you don't have a body and don't look macho). I used to tell them, "mein to body bana longa, tum acting kaise sikhoge"? (I will develop my body but how will you learn acting) So, I just wanted to prove it yself,'' Shahrukh said.

The 'King Khan' said that though this six pack abs was just for 'Om Shanti Om', he had retained it.

''But I have started liking and I am addicted to it now I am keeping it like that. It feels good. It looks nice when you are taking a bath. It really looks nice...,'' he said.

On the recent controversy caused by his smoking in public places, Shahrukh said he did not like anyone telling him personally what to do and what not to do.

''There are times when I know the vulnerability of being a star leads to certain comments and things and then I will not apologise for that. I am very arrogant about those things, the personal things.

You cannot tell me how to earn a packet you cannot tell me what to eat what to wear, what not to say to my wife, these are personal things. So, I guard that very jealously. Besides that, I think my foremost duty is to act and I cannot dilute what I do by having too many things on my mind,'' Shahrukh said.

On the constant speculation about his joining politics given his closeness to the Gandhis, especially Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, Shahrukh said, ''Half the people think that I am very close to the Congress and I am going to join politics. I am very close to Priyanka, Robert and Rahul. I tell everyone, I say this whenever I meet them, why don't you ask them, are you going to join films.

I am very close to Priyanka, Robert and Rahul, but personally. My friend- there is another friend of mine, who is called Raman Sharma he is a pilot; it does not mean that I am learning how to fly. I have another friend who is a software engineer that does not mean that I can design software as Azim Premji,''Shahrukh said.


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