Experts' view on Britney Spears' problems

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Washington, Jan 10 : Troubled star Britney Spears, after so many horrendous episodes, such as holding her kids hostage and shaving her head, is surely suffering from a possible mental disorder, say psychologists.

Many experts have given their diagnoses of the 26-year-old star's problem, based on the recent developments in her life.

According to psychiatrist Pauline Wallin, the 'Toxic' star might be suffering from a bipolar disorder which is evident from her experiencing extreme highs (known as manic episodes), like when she shaved her head, followed by intense lows. Her frequent partying is also a sign of the same.

"You can go all night without sleeping. Her pattern of self behavior indicates that she doesn't have a lot of self-control when she gets upset. Getting so upset that she has to be strapped to a gurney obviously is...she's not working in her kids' best interests," Us Weekly quoted Wallin, as saying.

Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman added that such manic episodes could also include "losing touch with reality."

"I think she fits more into agitated depression, where she goes all over town trying to find something that will cheer her up - some kind of temporary Band-Aid, like that paparazzi boyfriend. She's just reaching out to fill an emptiness," she said.

She also said that Spears problem may also be genetic as her grandmother went on to commit suicide under depression.

Spears' grandmother, who committed suicide, shows a "genetic predisposition to a form of depression," added Lieberman.

"Certainly she did have a traumatic childhood between her parent's dysfunctional relationship and divorce, and her mother pushing her to be a star," she said.

However, Dr. Drew Pinsky said that her instability and rotating friend groups indicate her to be a case of borderline personality disorder.

According to Pal Sam Lutfi, she might be suffering from unexpected episodes of intense fear indicating that she missed a December deposition because of a panic episode.

Lieberman also ruled out the possibility of an anxiety disorder.

"I don't believe that's her main problem. Her grandmother didn't die of anxiety disorder, her father didn't become an addict because of that. She has a more severe kind of problem than [anxiety]," said Lieberman.

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