Want depression to run away, go for a stroll

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Washington, Jan 3 (UNI) Put on your walking shoes to keep menopausal anxiety, stress and depression at bay, experts suggest.

A brisk march at the speed for almost 6.4 kmph was the best way to stave off mid-life depression in women.

The study found that women walking five times a week for an hour and a half had the best mental health.

With more menopausal women seeking natural therapies to ease symptoms, doctors claim it was vital to maintain mental wellbeing.

The report published in 'Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers&Prevention' studied 380 women aged 42 years on average for eight years and noted their physical activity level and menopausal symptoms including stress, anxiety, depression and hot flushes.

In the urban setting, these women walked outside on city blocks or in shopping malls. Groups could organize to take walks after dinner.

Researchers found that high levels of physical activity were most beneficial to post-menopausal women, who had lower levels of stress than those who did very little exercise.

Exercise, however, did nothing to reduce physical symptoms such as hot flushes.

The research showed that regular activity reduced the risk of a range of health problems including diabetes, depression and heart disease. It also reduced the chances of premature death from any cause.

Esperts said sticking to a moderate-paced walking schedule, it can keep your body mass index down and lower the risk of stress, anxiety and depression.


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